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Eugene Record's songwriting has proved to be extraordinary and great vocalist seem to be drawn to his talent so the industry decided to create songbooks to show off his work.  Just to name a few of the 30  or so artist on the songbooks are Swing Out Sister, Phoebe Snow, Jackie Wilson, Joss Stone, Peaches & Herb, Loleatta Holloway, and Lionel Hampton. The Chi-Lites of corse have some music on them , Are You My Woman, Toby, Have You Seen Her, and Give It Away their first R&B hit single that started it all. Don't miss out on this trasure chess of music by the late but great Mr. Eugene Record.

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Eugene Record's time on the WB was a great experience for him and his family. Spending time in Bel-Air was an excellent time for the family, and seeing our father live his dream was beautiful. Even though he did not make the charts like he did when Eugene was with the Chi-Lites, he had a wonderful experience in that extensive WB movie studio recording as I looked on in magnificent amazement seeing 30 or 40 musicians playing to my father's songs. I will never forget. 

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Eugene Record released his 3rd and last album on the then Warner Brothers Label. Assisting Eugene on this one, the talented Andrae Crouch and Patrick Henderson. Eugene was writing with Barbara Bailey on a couple of songs for something new. After the three albums my father ended his relationship as a recording artist with the WB.

After Eugene Record's solo career with Warner Brothers, an experience for the entire family, he settled back with the Chi-Lites for one more run. During that time, these two albums featuring Eugene Record were some hot sounds. Bringing songs like "Heavenly Body" and "Give Me A Dream" from one album, then "Hot on a Thing Called Love" and "Try My Side of Love". These will forever be great songs for the Chi-Lites 80s come back with Chi-sound Records.

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